Welcome to Unixworx Systems Administration

it engeneer talking by phone at network roomWe’re a North American based IT shop specializing in Unix Servers & Remote Terminal Administration, incorporating the latest in Unix OS Technology. With over 20 years working on nearly every platform of Unix and their derived flavors, we offer our knowledge and expertise that we share through valued partnerships.

Unixworx Systems maintains Web Servers, LAMP, DNS Servers (BIND 8 & 9), DHCP, Databases (MySQL & Postgres), and Email Servers as well as many other peripherals from our central facility located in the Business District of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our primary focus is working with the development and administration of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BSDi, Linux and their many derived flavors such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and Slackware.

Most “Unix like” operating systems are OpenSource which means they may be used in a variety of ways, without need for licensing. This allows OpenSource Operating Systems an advantage over Fee Based models, primarily through a low cost advantage, especially for large corporations that deploy multiple servers over a vast environment.

At Unixworx Systems, we believe in a “No Nonsense Approach” to doing business, as well as sharing our information, knowledge and skills. Our systems and the systems we deploy are fully documented so anyone within your organization can adapt and understand the system.

We Believe in what we do, because Unix Works !

Providing Support for Multiple Unix Based Operating Systems including FreeBSD BSD Linux SCO Unix and Sun Solaris.

Supported Operating System Platforms

We support nearly every Unix based Operating System including but not limited to SCO UNIX, BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, HP UNIX and Linux, including RedHat (now CentOS).

In this section, we highlight the different strengths of each OS along with a brief overview.

Unixworx Systems is a commercial consultant for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.
For information on our Rate Packages, please contact us through this site or by email.

Before Choosing an Operating System understand what you need.

Often, clients come to us confused as to why their application isn’t doing what they want it to. In many cases it’s a direct cause of their choice of the operating system. This is particularly true for clients who attempt to run high volume web applications. Don’t make this mistake!

For a comparison chart, we encourage you to read This Information

FreeBSD and the BSDĀ® Family – The Choice for Web Applications
The BSD’s, Such as FreeBSD and NetBSD use Multi-threaded SMP architecture capable of executing the kernel in parallel over multiple processors and high performance file systems that optimize disk performance. The largest websites in the World use FreeBSD. The BSD firewall and security applications are second to none with a choice of several firewalls including PF and IPF. There are several levels of security to FreeBSD and it’s notable to add that not one single security advisory alert issued by CERT, has ever mentioned the BSD Operating System.

We Rank FreeBSD and the BSD family number #1, especially for high volume, resource driven web applications.

To summarize, FreeBSD is a robust true Unix* OS with all the security features you could ask for. Is it easy to administer? Simply put, it’s an advanced BSD based command line operating system that takes skill, knowledge and years of experience to completely understand and fully maintain.