Linux and the Linux Family – The Choice for Development

Server SupportThe Linux family of operating systems include Slackware, Redhat® (CentOS), Ubuntu, SuSE and a few others including one mini-linux.

Although easy to work with, Linux operates under a different set of standards than BSD, therefore, we rank Linux second choice for web applications and a great alternative to Windows®, as a Desktop OS. In our opinion, Linux is better suited for Application development, Scientific Labs, Medical and Clinical Research Databases and Embedded Application Devices.

Linux Systems remain popular due to ease of use and wide-spread versatility. It’s an excellent choice if you run independent applications with smaller load factors and require a user friendly environment. Read more about Linux in the dropdown menus on this site.

Solaris OS®
To sum it up in one word Solaris = Stability.
Sun Microsystems® remains top on the ladder in so far as a robust Sys V Operating System. Sun Solaris® combines everything a Unix OS could ask for and much, much more. Solaris® is Not Free – In fact, the license is expensive. Solaris® runs on proprietary Sun® hardware as well as the Intel® platform. Companies that choose Sun®, do so to build very specific applications, for the most part running JAVA®.

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Managed FreeBSD Linux & Solaris Servers

Dedicated Hosting Servers | FreeBSD & Linux

We provide a wide range of Dell Rack-mounted dedicated servers ranging from the R-300 series to the 2970. Each server may be configured with FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD or Linux, depending on your specific requirements.

Our systems are fully managed, complete with MRTG Monitoring, Routers and serial links. We’re there for you every step of the way, whatever your requirements are.

Our collocation facility is situated at the “Internet Hub of Vancouver” and connected through GIG-E Fiber; each with a full Class C IPV4 Netblock (upgrading to IPV6 in the near future).

Dedicated hosts range from USD $225.00 p/month Unlimited Aggregated Traffic to more expensive plans, depending on the level of management you require.

If you require a Virtual Private Server, we can help with that as well.