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At Unixworx System Design, we’re not only big believers in Content Management Systems, but we build and maintain some of the best, using popular operating systems such as FreeBSD & Linux. In this section, we outline the various options for Drupal and Joomla CMS Support.

CMS Systems are Big Business!
marketing management cmsThe biggest advantage a CMS system has over Static HTML (old style), is the content itself is “Dynamic” and remains “live” on the server. All editing, updates, images, and text can be easily updated and archived, then published at the push of a button, in real time. The content is then generated from a database into a webpage… Dynamically!

Both CMS Systems such as Drupal and Joomla have these features and many more depending on the version and modules you choose to install.

One of the greatest things about working with CMS is the ease of flexibility as well as their OpenSource license. By this we mean, because the system is OpenSource, you can do with it, pretty much as you please, including writing your own modules and code.

Each of these CMS Systems are Database driven, using either MySQL or PostgreSQL; both of which are a great choice for database platforms. Because the web output is displayed Dynamically, each CMS server must have the appropriate version of Apache, PHP and MySQL (or PostgreSQL) already installed and operational. As part of our ongoing commitment to Drupal, we take care of that for you!

Unixworx System Design provides Apache, PHP & MySQL Fully Managed Servers, as well as server side support & administration for Drupal and Joomla!