Monthly Archives: June 2017

CMS Design Management & Marketing

At Unixworx System Design, we’re not only big believers in Content Management Systems, but we build and maintain some of the best, using popular operating systems such as FreeBSD & Linux. In this section, we outline the various options for Drupal and Joomla CMS Support. CMS Systems are Big Business! The biggest advantage a CMS […]

Linux and the Linux Family – The Choice for Development

The Linux family of operating systems include Slackware, Redhat® (CentOS), Ubuntu, SuSE and a few others including one mini-linux. Although easy to work with, Linux operates under a different set of standards than BSD, therefore, we rank Linux second choice for web applications and a great alternative to Windows®, as a Desktop OS. In our […]

Welcome to Unixworx Systems Administration

We’re a North American based IT shop specializing in Unix Servers & Remote Terminal Administration, incorporating the latest in Unix OS Technology. With over 20 years working on nearly every platform of Unix and their derived flavors, we offer our knowledge and expertise that we share through valued partnerships. Unixworx Systems maintains Web Servers, LAMP, […]